Sospeso transparente Adenium 23x23 cm

Sospeso Transparente

Sospeso transparente Adenium 23x23 cm

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Reference: S1/07

Size: 23x23 cm

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Sospeso predesigned transparent sheet with background hologram: silver and shiny. Adenium 23x23 cm. White and pink flowers.

Sospeso is a transparent sheet which is deformed with a heat source, such as a candle heat, for it can use a glass candle holders. You also need the help of chisels and wooden base foam, two basic tools for technical transparent sospeso

The particularity of the sheets with background hologram is to be cut shapes (flowers) leaving a small bordecito to create an iridescent effect.

The result is extraordinary! You can stick figures transparent sospeso on any base, a basket, a necklace, an album, a box, etc ... For better protection varnish advise the finished piece with a special vitrification for transparent sospeso.

Ref: S1/07

Brand: Monica Allegro